PCBA / PCB Assembly Volume Production

PCBA Volume Production / SMT and THT Mass Production


Newatik. A new way to do volume PCBA.

Whether you need to source a single prototype or thousands of assembled boards, Newmatik is a true one-stop shop for full-turnkey PCBA. Newmatik’s online PCBA quotation and ordering platform makes it easy to scale your project from prototypes to series production.

Newmatik is able to offer competitive volume production thanks to our global network of suppliers for PCBs and electronic components. We have aggressively negotiated special online pricing with leading franchise distributors, which enables us to achieve competitive costing for both prototype and volume quantities. This special pricing is integrated in our online quotation, providing you the tools you need to realistically price out your PCBA assembly at any quantity.

Newmatik’s footprint in Western and Eastern Europe allows us to be both fast and cost effective – two things that don’t always go together in the contract electronics manufacturing industry. Rapid prototypes and small series PCBA generally run at our factory in Germany and volume production runs at our factory in Romania. These two factories also provide for failover redundancy and flexible production capacity. You place the order with the click of the button, and Newmatik handles all the logistics behind the scenes.

Ultimately, working with a contract electronics manufacturer requires trust. Someone who has the experience and the know-how to get the job done reliably, and on time. Under the hood of our innovative online platform is a tried and tested brick-and-mortar company with three decades of know-how gleaned from helping hundreds of customers take their prototypes and turn them into series volume production.