Electronic Circuit Design and Development


It all starts with a good idea. Ideation is just the beginning, though. At Newmatik, we know how to take your vision and turn it into reality.

As your one-stop shop for development and prototyping, we work on ideation, innovating technological solutions, producing prototypes, researching legal requirements, engineering circuits, writing software and firmware, manufacturing the product, and even designing the packaging.

You will benefit not only from close collaboration with our team of experts in hardware and software, but from access to our in-house stocks. If there is a component you need that we do not have stocked, we can order it from our extensive network of international suppliers. Within days, we can have a finished prototype ready for your inspection. It's that easy, and that quick.

If your idea is so cutting-edge that we don’t have the equipment for it in-house, we will find a solution. First, we have trusted advisors from a broad range of industries who can be brought on at any point in the development process to consult. Second, we consider such innovative projects to be an opportunity to learn and grow as a contract electronics manufacturer, and can invest in new technology or new machines to make your PCBA possible. From the simplest to the most complex of electronics assemblies, we make it happen.