Online Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Fully Integrated Online Ordering Platform for Assembled PCBs


Newmatik is a new, automated way of ordering PCBA.

Newmatik is a fully integrated online ordering platform for printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). It’s as simple as logging in to quote your assembly project in just a few minutes, placing your order online, and monitoring its progress to completion and delivery in real time.

Your Newmatik customer portal stores all your information in one place: production data, quotes, orders, invoices, delivery notes, and live inventory of customer-supplied parts. This is true turn-key printed circuit board assembly. The Newmatik platforms give you control of your PCBA with the click of a button.

Admittedly, Newmatik makes PCBA sound easier than it is. Printed circuit board assembly is actually a very complex business. We know – we’ve been doing it for 30 years. And there’s a well-known paradox at the heart of this $440 billion industry: even though PCBA manufacturers produce the cutting-edge products of the future, contract electronics manufacturing is typically quite slow and intransparent, burdened by manual processes.

Newmatik seeks to untangle this paradox by making the PCBA ordering process as innovative as the products it delivers. Building on a proven foundation of innovation as contract manufacturer with three decades of experience, Newmatik delivers a delightful, fully integrated customer experience.

But Newmatik isn’t just a platform for ordering PCBA online. We are building a completely digital factory that is fully integrated with our online ordering platform. Our SMT machines communicate with our custom-built ERP system, booking assembly in real time. Our ERP system, in turn, is linked to our customer portal and online PCBA ordering platform.