Newmatik & ESO Electronic, a strong PCBA provider.


We like to call ourselves a thirty-year-old start up.

Newmatik is the online PCBA division of ESO Electronic, a family-owned contract electronics manufacturer founded in 1990. Now in the second generation of leadership, ESO has its headquarters and main factory in Germany, a second factory in Romania, and more than 100 employees.

Newmatik combines this proven industry expertise with the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up. We’re building on three decades of experience in traditional contract electronics manufacturing to innovate the next watershed evolution in the industry: online PCBA.

We’re convinced that the future of electronics manufacturing will largely take place online. We’re living in a world where we’re come to expect instantaneous communication and next-day delivery. PCBA needs to get up to speed, and the only way to do this is by moving the process online.

Online software solutions will automate production processes, simplify communication, and increase transparency. In turn, this will decrease lead times and costs, resulting in an efficient – and enjoyable – online PCBA ordering experience.

We’ve built a culture of openness towards change and drive for innovation, and now, we’re excited to be at the forefront of building the software solutions to transform the contract electronics manufacturing industry with our online ordering platform. Newmatik, a new way to do PCBA.